Football Universe


Hello and welcome to the passionate community of Football Universe, the space where the exhilaration, strategy, and camaraderie of football reverberate in every word and idea. I’m Dick Witman, and Football Universe is my way of sharing the sport that has profoundly shaped my life and brought boundless joy to me and many others.

More than just a blog, Football Universe is a testament to my lifelong love for the game. As a former high school and college football player, a coach, a father, and an irrepressible football enthusiast, I’ve lived the thrill of every scrimmage, the elation of every touchdown, the memorable moments on and off the field.

My Dedication to the Game

Football Universe embodies not just my dedication to the sport but also reflects the spirit of the game itself. With the same commitment as a quarterback leading the final drive, the passion of fans on their feet in the bleachers, I pour my love for football into every aspect of Football Universe.

I truly believe in the power of knowledge and its ability to enhance the football experience. Understanding the rules and strategies, appreciating the rich history, exploring the societal role of the sport, these are all keys to nurturing a deeper connection with the game we all love.

Your Guide to Football Knowledge

Here at Football Universe, my mission is to bridge the gap between the field and the audience. My aim is to make the complex rules of football simple and digestible, unravel the intricate strategies, introduce the unsung heroes, and illuminate the fascinating, often untold stories from the world of football.

From exploring the role of a nickelback to explaining the finesse of a perfectly timed snap, my goal is to provide comprehensive and engaging content. This is your playbook to the technicalities, the terminology, the tactics, and the trivia of football.

Building Our Football Community

My love for football extends far beyond the gridiron. It’s about the people, the community, the spirit of sportsmanship. That’s why Football Universe is more than just an informative platform; it’s a celebration of our shared passion for the game. So, join me in this exciting journey as we kick-off the exploration, understanding, and celebration of the beautiful game of football. Together, let’s make Football Universe your ultimate touchdown in the cosmos of football knowledge.