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Do Other Countries Watch American Football?

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Do Other Countries Watch American Football?

Yes, other countries do watch American football, though the popularity varies. Markets like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico have developed an interest due to media exposure and league expansion, while countries with their own football traditions may have limited viewership.

Global Popularity of American Football

While American football is primarily most popular in the United States, its popularity has grown internationally over the past few decades. The expansion of media coverage, live streaming options, and NFL games played overseas have allowed fans around the globe to follow the sport.

Notable International Markets


Canada is one of the countries most familiar with American football due to its proximity to the United States. Canadians can watch NFL games on TV, and many follow both the NFL and the Canadian Football League (CFL).

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has witnessed a surge in American football popularity. The NFL hosts the international series in London, drawing large crowds and heightening fan enthusiasm. British fans can watch games on television networks such as Sky Sports.


American football enjoys significant popularity in Mexico. The country has a strong fan base and a longstanding tradition of playing the sport at amateur and collegiate levels. Mexico has hosted NFL games, and fans have various options to watch games on TV or through streaming platforms.

Global Impact and Youth Development

Across the globe, international amateur leagues and clubs are laying the foundation for the sport’s development. Countries like Germany, Japan, and Australia have amateur leagues where aspiring players can get involved. Additionally, some countries have ongoing youth development programs aimed at promoting American football at an early age.

NFL’s International Expansion Efforts

The NFL has recognized the potential for global growth and has taken steps to expand its reach internationally. The International Series, which began in 2007, sees regular-season games held in London and Mexico City, allowing local fans to directly experience American football. Through strategic partnerships, NFL hopes that these international games will continue to grow the fan base globally.

How Fans Watch American Football Globally

For those outside of the United States, there are several ways to watch American football. Apart from international games, televised broadcasts, cable subscriptions, and streaming platforms make it easier than ever for fans around the world to follow the sport. Services such as NFL Game Pass and platforms like DAZN offer live and on-demand access to NFL games on various devices.

Impact of American Football on Global Sports Culture

American football has an undeniable influence on global sports culture. The Super Bowl, for example, is watched by millions worldwide and has become a significant annual event for sports enthusiasts. The sport has also inspired a variety of sports and entertainment products, including video games, films, and more. This widespread cultural impact helps introduce the game of American football to people in countries where it is not traditionally popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading about the global reach of American football and its impact on sports culture, you might have some additional questions. Here are a few common queries we’ve addressed to provide you with further insight:

What is the difference between American football and Canadian football?

American and Canadian football share many similarities, but there are key differences such as field size, number of players on the field, and rules surrounding downs and scoring. Canadian football fields are larger, the games have 12 players per side instead of 11, and they have 3 downs instead of 4, which impacts the pace and strategy of the game.

Are there professional American football leagues outside the United States?

While there are no leagues outside the United States on par with the NFL, various countries have their own professional or semi-professional American football leagues. Examples include Europe’s European League of Football (ELF) and Germany’s German Football League (GFL).

Do American colleges and universities scout and recruit international players?

Yes, American colleges and universities occasionally scout and recruit players from international markets. Talented athletes who successfully transition into the college football scene in the United States can increase their chances of being drafted to the NFL.

How can someone outside the United States join a youth or amateur American football team?

To join a team outside the United States, interested individuals should search for local clubs, leagues, or organizations in their country that offer American football programs. Many countries have amateur leagues, and some even have youth development programs for nurturing talent from a younger age.

How do international fans support their favorite NFL teams?

International fans can follow their favorite NFL teams on social media, purchase team merchandise, or join official fan clubs. Additionally, they can interact with other fans in online forums and communities dedicated to American football and the NFL.

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